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Kahun is disrupting the market for clinical knowledge. Our goal is to empower medical professionals with a new way of finding, analyzing and navigating medical knowledge, so they can provide better medical care. Our innovative tools provide data and insights to help reduce diagnostic errors and cut medical costs.

What We Do


Our advanced technology encodes evidence-based clinical knowledge and transforms it into usable structured data that can be grasped quickly and comprehensively. We employ a combination of AI methodologies, a community of professional medical experts, and computational algorithms to analyze and process existing clinical literature and fully capture the complex associations found within it. We  present the information in a new innovative format designed to be used by physicians in their daily practice.

Kahun turns text-based medical knowledge into a medical knowledge graph that is:

Connected – relationships between medical concepts are identified and stored

Semantic – the same terms used by clinicians and EHR systems are employed, eliminating the need for additional descriptive text

Encompassing – full clinical descriptions are presented, equal to those provided by lengthy medical texts

Alive and true to source – content is constantly updated with the ability to trace each data point to the original citation.

Machine readable – ready for our inference engine to generate insights and answers to complex clinical questions, including patient-specific differential diagnosis suggestions and workup options

We already cover millions of relations between disorders, complications, findings, incidence and prevalence rates, drug side effects etc. Kahun aims to put this wealth of medical knowledge directly in the hands of clinicians. We leverage what technology does best – memory and processing –  to build tools for clinicians, providing them with the backup of the relevant data  so they can make the right decisions for their patient


Dynamic differential diagnosis

Users can easily enter a complete patient presentation including medical history, medications, clinical picture of symptoms and signs, laboratory test results and imaging findings. Kahun provided the user with search results backing the physician with medical insights and guidance for the management of the patient. Results are ranked according to a likelihood score, with rare and urgent instances  flagged. Comprehensive information about a suspected disease can be viewed, with the presentation probabilities for a given patient. Missing or unexpected information is clearly indicated so that decisions can be made for further workup.


Insights include next step suggestions for further workup, based on the clinical data and ranked according to cost (money/risk) and value. Workup protocols are tailored to the clinical presentation through evaluation of the relevant patient history, exams, labs or imaging required to advance the case.


Whether a disease is presented through a differential diagnosis list or direct browsing, users can drill down and view associations between a disease and its findings – epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis info, etc. Associations are based on clinical data, with references and citations provided.


Kahun’s multidisciplinary team is made up of accomplished professionals from the technology and medical fields. With specialists in computational algorithms and expertise in building large-scale internet platforms, the team is uniquely positioned to create a groundbreaking reference platform. Kahun is dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to facilitate better medical understanding and practice, and is committed to empowering clinicians with the knowledge they need to provide better patient care.

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Kahun will be available to the public in the near future. Contact us if you want to learn more or support and take part in our COVID-19 Knowledge project